What should I wear?

We say "Festive Attire" which basically means COME READY TO PARTY! We want you to be comfortable and have fun!!! If you need more direction than that Girls/Ladies - cocktail dresses or something in that "semi-formal category" is perfectly fine. Boys/Men - sports coat or suit jacket, with or without tie - whatever you choose! Please note, since this is a synagogue, jeans probably not "festive" enough.

Will Danny be reading from the Torah during this Monday service?

YES! He has been working very hard on his Torah portion. We hope you can be there to hear him in action!

What time should Danny's friends arrange to be picked up if they are attending unaccompanied?

The celebration should be winding down by 4:30pm. Please arrange to be picked up then. Anyone needed special assistance, please contact Amy directly to discuss.

I have a peanut allergy. Will there be food with nut products at this event?

While the caterer cannot 100% guarantee a nut-free environment, we are taking every precaution to offer a nut-free event. Danny's brother has a severe peanut allergy, and so we have already been working with the caterer to ensure no peanut products are being used in preparation of any of the food being served, including all desserts. And we are currently working with him to remove/limit the use of tree-nut products as well. If you have specific food allergy concerns/questions, please contact Amy to discuss further.

What if it snows???

One of the risks with planning a winter party is the risk of inclement weather. Hopefully if there is any less-than-ideal weather heading our way, it will not be significant enough to interfere with our plans. However, if there are any changes in the plans due to weather, we will immediately post on this website, So here at www.alldanny.com should be the first place to check for any weather-related updates.

You didn't answer my question!

No problem. Email Amy your question and it will be answered!

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