On Saturday, February 10, 2001 at 2:04pm, Daniel Ross Jarashow was born. Weighing in at 7-11 (7lbs, 11 oz) we knew immediately we hit the jackpot! In fact, we are pretty sure someone in the room (Danny's grandmother perhaps) actually said "Let's go to Atlantic City now!"

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Every new parent gushes over their newborn, but Danny was just perfectly adorable! Choosing a suitable name for this little man was no simple task. David explains our final selection at Danny's Bris. See below.

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David's Speech at Danny's Bris - February 18, 2001

Daniel's Hebrew name, Hillel Avraham , is after Amy's grandfather, Harry Kaplan, and my grandfather, Abe Baker. When I mention either name, the most common response heard is "He was the smartest man I ever knew." To borrow an expression from my grandfather Abe, Daniel, you are named after 2 BRILLIANTES! Additionally, both men were committed to their families. They were two true patriarchs, who loved their wives, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Son, may their wisdom be an inspiration to your mind and their commitment to family be a source of inspiration to your heart.

Daniel's English name, Daniel Ross, is after Amy's great-grandmother, Dorothy Feuerman and Amy's grandmother, Rose Kaplan. Grandma Rose was referred to as dignified and honest. Grandma Dorothy was a kind, compassionate woman who always brought a smile to everyone's face. Daniel, you've been quite a little mensch so far. We hope you grow up to be a big mensch, who will continue to light up a room and put a smile on everyone's face, as you have today.

Fun fact: There were approximately 90 attendees at Danny's Bris that chilly February day and more than of those who were there that day are still an active and important part of our lives, and hopefully will be joining us now, thirteen years later, as Danny becomes a Bar Mitzvah.

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